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Trash bin of 8 cbm
  • Trash bin of 8 cbm

Trash bin of 8 cbm

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Country of manufacture:Russia


Technical characteristics of a trash bin of 8 cbm.

The trash bin of 8 cbm is made of quality strong steel. Thickness of walls makes two - three millimeters. The maximum capacity is 5 thousand 500 kilograms, that is 5,5 tons. Catches, for more convenient loading on the special equipment are at the edges located. An emphasis that during transportation it was not unsteady from edge on edge are in front established, and it was well fixed on one place.

Length of a trash bin is 8 cbm.-3480 millimeters, and width are-1850 millimeters. Height makes 1420 millimeters.

The main advantages of a trash bin of 8 cbm before others:


  • The compact size, for more comfortable application and transportation;
  • It is convenient to collect garbage of the average size;
  • Qualitative, strong reliable material of production;
  • There are special emphasis and catches, for convenient loading and transportation;
  • Repeated application and long service life;
  • Renders a huge role in respect for purity of the environment, saves from the collected garbage, stuff and their storage in not put places;
  • By means of it it is convenient to collect and transport a large number of garbage;
  • It is possible to load and transport snow;
  • The acceptable and reasonable price of rent.
Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 04.10.2021

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